How to Change Text Case in Excel

There are several ways to change text case in excel which you can use easily to change text case.

In Microsoft Word we can easily change text case as we get built-in options to do that. Unlike MS Word, Excel does not have any built-in option but the good news is that you can still easily do that.

The following are few easy methods which you can use to change letter case in excel.

Change Text Case in Excel Using Formula

In order to change the letters case you can use the below excel functions.

  1. UPPER(text)
  2. LOWER(text)
  3. PROPER(text)

Change Text Case to Capital Letters Using Upper Function

The upper function can be used to change text in capital letters. Let’s see below how this function works.

For example you have names as shown in below image and you want to change in capital letters.

  1. Click on cell where you want to show the result
  2. Enter this formula =UPPER(B3), in this case we have text in cell B3 which you can change accordingly
  3. Hit the enter and you will see the results

You can simply copy or drag the formula down to apply on other cells as well.

Change Text Case to Small Letters Using Lower Function

You can use excel LOWER function to change text in small letters. Again we will change the same text in small letters by using lower function. See the below example how to use this function.

  1. Enter this formula =Lower(B3) in the cell where you want see the results
  2. Hit the enter and you will see all the text will be changed in small letters
  3. Fill the formula down by dragging to apply on other cells

Capitalize Each Word Using Proper Function

The PROPER function can be used to convert first letter to capital letter of each word, also called proper case.

Same as Upper and Lower function, you can use this function to capitalize each word in excel.

  1. Go to the cell C3
  2. Write this formula =Proper(B3) and hit the enter
  3. Fill the formula down by dragging to apply on other cells

Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Formula to Change Text Case in Excel


The primary advantage of using Formula to change text case is that you don’t need to repeat the steps in case if you change any text. Lets say you change the spelling of first name or to change complete name, it will be updated automatically in resultant cell. As you can see below when I change any text, it is being updated automatically in resultant cells.


The disadvantage of using Formula is that if you delete the actual text, your resulted text will also be removed. The formula was linked to the cell that contains text and when you delete the text or column it will give an error.

So in order to avoid this error, you can do the following steps:

  1. Select the resulted text and copy it
  2. Right click and paste as a value

Now you have pasted text as a value and it has nothing to do with actual text. So deleting actual text will not affect to your resultant cells. You can now delete the actual text if you wish.

Change Text Case in Excel Using Flash Fill (Without Formula)

Flash fill is a special feature that can help you and save your a lot of time. It analyze data you enter and fill automatically when it recognizes a pattern. Using flash fill is also another easy method to change text case in excel.

Lets see in below examples how it works.

For instance you want to change the below names in Upper case, Lower case as well as Proper case. All you need is to enter the first name in Upper case, Lower case and Proper case. This will help flash fill feature to recognize a pattern and will fill data accordingly. For example if you write first name in Uppercase it will fill all other below names in Uppercase.

SO once you entered, just click on below cells one by one and repeat the following steps:

  1. Go to >Data Tab and click on >Flash Fill or simply press CTRL+E

Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Flash Fill


The main advantage of using flash fill is that you don’t need to use any formula. Moreover, if you delete actual text, it will not affect to your resulted text.


The disadvantage is that if you change actual text later on, it will not be updated automatically unless you repeat the steps. You can use this method in case you have to change text once only and does not require any update in future.

I hope the above explanation will help you to understand it better. If you require any further information, do let me know in below comments section. I would love to guide you any further.

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